Consumer Electronics

Significant technology breakthroughs in personal devices and home entertainment solutions, converging technologies, along with robust broadband services have

resulted in a tremendous demand for digital lifestyle devices like high-end televisions, in-home entertainment systems, mobile phones, digital cameras, media players.

global digital revolution has encouraged a race for advancements among product manufacturers. The competitive scenario has undergone a paradigm shift as product companies focus more and more on introducing right products at the right time and leveraging disruptive and converging technologies to capture market share.
To emerge winners in this fiercely competitive scenario, product companies are forced to find solutions for facing the enormous challenges in:

  • Increasing R&D efficiency
  • Reducing the cost of product engineering and counter pressure on margins
  • Reducing time-to-market (a must with shortening product lifecycles)
  • Addressing consumer demands from various geographies simultaneously
  • Introducing unique products and constantly enhancing them with emerging technologies.