Office Automation

Increasing business complexity, cut-throat competition, dynamic global environments and a sharp eye on the cost–performance ratio is resulting in enterprises demanding for faster, smoother and easier technologies to reduce time and cost for processing digital media. This necessitates tremendous improvements in the office equipments like printers, scanners, facsimile, multi-function printers and point-of-sale machines.

With advancements in digital information exchange as well as increasing demand for feature-rich equipments, manufacturers face multiple challenges in:

  • Achieving continuous redefinition and reinforcement of product portfolio with feature-rich products offering higher speeds, higher resolutions, bi-directional interface, plug-and-play capabilities, smaller product size
  • Offering cost-effective and creative products and solutions to lower power consumption and overall operational costs
  • Reducing overall product lifecycle costs by focusing on R&D efficiency and product development lifecycle
  • Deploying cost-effective engineering level product support.